About Josie Olney - composerJosie was born in London, but grew up in the small picturesque village of Great Bardfield in Essex. She has an unusual family tree, which includes a high-flying 18th Century Prime Minister, a globe-trotting 19th Century female botanical painter, and a pioneering 20th Century engineer who designed and built the first plane to fly the Atlantic all very independent, unique and determined people, who inspire her in a variety of ways.

Josie's passion for music began at the tender age of 6, when she first took up the clarinet, flute and piano. She pursued these instruments to the highest level. Her talent and love for composing was first discovered in her teens, at a local folk club and through her school's music department. She recorded an EP of her song writing compositions, and won first prize in a regional carol writing competition. Josie has not stopped composing music since, and thanks to the incredible support of her mentors at LCoM, she believes she is now poised to make her mark on the film music industry.